Usha Haley, W. Frank Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business and Kansas Faculty of Distinction, was recently covered in the Financial Times on an academic scandal concerning research credibility and fraud, using her knowledge as a leading global expert on the impact and worth of academic research.

Haley has recently published articles on the subject:

Yellow background with light yellow wheat pattern. Liz Thornton photo on left side with "Congratulation Liz Thornton!" on right side. Black and white border on bottom of image.

Please join Student Conduct and Community Standard in congratulating Liz Thornton on being appointed co-Region 4 coordinator for the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA).

ASCA is an international organization that strives to connect members on all levels, — from local to regional, national and international. It is divided into 13 regions, with each region being led by a region coordinator and their region leadership team.

Organizations, individuals and programs within Wichita State were featured in a Wichita Business Journal (WBJ) guide for startups:

The Center for Entrepreneurship, including ignitor and Kansas Family Business Forum, the Entrepreneurship Research Workshops from WSU Libraries, GoCreate, Shocker New Venture Competition, and Small Business Digital Transformation Program were all featured resources for new business startups in Wichita.

Troy Tabor, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, headlined one of WBJ’s “People you should know” articles.

FirePoint Innovations on the Innovation Campus was featured in one of a series of articles on startups in Wichita.

Graphic with photos of the event and the text, "Wu Reads | United Way | Coaching for Literacy."

On May 9, Wu Reads members were invited by United Way to help deliver books to kindergarten through third grade students at Gordon Parks Academy.

During the visit, the group had the opportunity to read the books to the students. The opportunity to give the students these books was with the help of WSU, Coaching for Literacy and community members who donated their time and money to help encourage the students to read over the summer.

A group picture of WSU students and Larksfield residents posing together in a conference room at the Rhatigan Student Center.

Freshmen in Connecting Generations, FYPH 102G, spent the second part of the spring semester connecting with residents from Larksfield Place, an independent living community near campus.

Students in the class engaged in an intergenerational project, collecting life stories and breaking down stereotypes between generations. During the class, the first half of the semester was spent in the classroom, establishing knowledge of the aging population, while the second half of the semester took the class to Larksfield Place.

Students also enjoyed a campus visit from some of the residents, where the class met as a large group in the Rhatigan Student Center. Through collectively sharing stories, they learned just how much they have in common, and enjoyed an impromptu ballroom dancing lesson. The entire experience culminated with a life-story book and banner, presented to each resident during a luncheon at Larksfield Place on the last day of class.

Photo of the first place team in undergraduate category, Trent Oberlander, Amanda Mudra, Alexander Dewerff, Gabriel Kimuri, Logan Mauch and Dr. Scott Miller.

On May 6, 12 teams competed in the annual Bronze Propeller Competition, including 11 teams of undergraduate students. The top three teams in the undergraduate category included Team 3 (Logan Mauch, Gabriel Kimuri, Alexander Dewerff, Trent Oberlander and Amanda Mudra) in first place, Team 15 (Robert Ross) in second place, and Team 7 (Benjamin Griffin, Megan Drake, Brycen Schroeder, Sofia Bahr Konkel and Jackson Caldwell) in third place. The first place winner in the professional category was Team 13 (Julian Chee, an aerospace engineering alum).

The Boeing Company sponsored the event, and Jonathan Mowrey served as the aircraft pilot. Faculty and staff who supported the competition included Dr. Scott Miller; Anthony Muscat, dean of the College of Engineering; Dr. Brandon Buerge; and the Aerospace Engineering Lab staff.

Photo of the Engineering Open House audience during the awards ceremony.

The College of Engineering congratulates each of the student teams that won an award during the annual Engineering Open House on May 5, as well as the graduate student and faculty members who won Wallace Excellence Awards.

Dr. Anna Porcaro, executive director of Online and Adult Learning, participated in an expert panel for the 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: Teaching and Learning Edition.

Her essay in the report addresses how emerging teaching and learning trends impact adult learners. She will also participate in a panel discussion of the report online at 11 a.m. Wednesday, May 16. Since WSU is a member of EDUCAUSE, faculty and staff can register to attend the webinar at no additional charge.

A side-by-side picture of Eleazar Recendiz and Kaya Russell, recipients of the scholarships.

The African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) would like to congratulate Eleazar Recendiz and Kaya Russell on being recipients of the spring 2023 AAFSA scholarship.

Eleazar majors in business administration entrepreneurship and management, and Kaya majors in psychology. AAFSA is excited for the impact each of them will have on the campus and Wichita communities in the near and distant futures.

Usha Haley, W. Frank Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business and Kansas Faculty of Excellence at the Barton School, spoke to The Wire China about the country-wide legislation on purchases of United States agricultural land by the Chinese government.

An expert on China and emerging markets, Usha testified before Congress on the acquisition of U.S.-based Smithfield Foods by the Chinese company Shuanghui, what is widely considered to be a landmark, precedent-setting case on foreign investment in the United States.