Public Policy and Management Center at WSU wraps up COVID recovery program, Recovery Connect

Recovery Connect, the Sedgwick County initiative to help residents, small businesses and nonprofits recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, has achieved its purpose and ended operations. Sedgwick County created the initiative after a public survey was conducted May 2021, and it partnered with the Public Policy and Management Center at WSU to build and execute the program.

In two years, Recovery Connect served many in the community:

  • 4,972 individuals
  • 2,063 small businesses
  • 1,098 nonprofits
  • 929 free workshops/meetings on:
    • Small business consulting
    • Child care licensing
    • Nonprofit certification
    • Grant writing

While Recovery Connect has made a difference the Public Policy and Management Center understand many Sedgwick County residents still need assistance. Those seeking assistance from Recovery Connect can contact 211.