(Left to right) Picture of Wichita State University senior Truc Nguyen and T-Mobile for Business CEO Mike Sievert.
August 24, 2021 — “I came into the interview with T-Mobile with tangible projects I had already worked on,” Nguyen said. “That was one of the very first things they asked ‘Tell me more about Barton International Group. What projects did you take on?’”
Morgan Barnes, professional services manager for the Public Policy and Management Center, speaks at the rededication ceremony for a sundial that was donated to Wichita State in 1934. The sundial was dedicated to the late Dr. George Platt, professor emeritus at the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs, and is located on the east side of Hubbard Hall.
August 23, 2021 — A precious piece of Wichita State University’s story was almost lost to the dusty shelves of history — if not for the historical instincts of a faculty member.
August 18, 2021 — If you were unable to attend or watch live the 2021 Faculty and Staff Fall Address, you can watch a recording of the entire program.
Faculty and staff fall address with President Muma
August 18, 2021 — The annual faculty and staff fall address is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. today at the Beggs Ballroom located in the Rhatigan Student Center. The event will also be available via a YouTube livestream.
August 13, 2021 — With the start of a new academic year, I would like to welcome each of you to Wichita State University. 
August 13, 2021 — With the start of a new academic year, I would like to welcome each of you to Wichita State University .
Graphic featuring new parking signs at WSU campus.
August 13, 2021 — Wichita State University is installing new parking lot signage for fall 2021 designed to let drivers quickly determine if a parking lot is open to them.
Graphic featuring text "Inspired By The Past, Focused On The Future. Save The Date. Inauguration Of Richard D. Muma, PH. D.
August 11, 2021 — The inauguration ceremony for President Muma is set for 2:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29, in the Hughes Metropolitan Complex, located at 29th Street N. and Oliver. The event will also be livestreamed on YouTube and on campus television monitors. The theme for the event is "Inspired by the past. Focused on the future."
August 9, 2021 — U.S. Army Capt. Scot Mullis is the next Wichita State University Army Reserve Officers' Training (ROTC) military department chair and assistant professor.
Picture of Dr. Jeoung Min Lee.
August 9, 2021 — Multidimensional support systems are the key to preventing bullying and cyberbullying and can help lessen the psychosocial side effects of being a victim of bullying, according to a study done by one Wichita State researcher.