Map of Ablah Library showing the construction, including the Ablah terrace repair fence, the Shocker Success Center fence, the site access route and the gate for allowing pedestrians into Ablah Library on the west side.

Construction will begin this week on the west side of Ablah Library to create a new stair and repair a portion of the concrete retaining wall. The new stair will strengthen the connection between the new northeast entry of the Shocker Success Center and Ablah Library.

As part of the construction, a temporary fence will be installed to contain the construction site. Construction is expected to be completed in June.

Corbin Education Center will have a scheduled electrical shutdown Tuesday, Dec. 19. The original date was Dec. 18, but due to unforeseen circumstances the date had to be changed.

The power will be off all day. Please prepare for this in advance. Those planning to “remote in” during the break may need to restart their computers Dec. 20.

For questions, contact Greg Thornwall at or 316-978-7931 or Michael Basgall at or 316-978-3444 with Facilities Services. 

Due to scheduled maintenance and repairs, Jabara Hall will be without water for the whole day on Friday, Dec. 8.

Photo of Lindquist Hall.

Lindquist Hall will be without water Saturday, March 18 for repairs. The water will shut off in the morning and is expected to be back by the end of the day.

Construction on the new home of the Shocker Success Center in Clinton Hall has started.

As Clinton Hall is remodeled, be mindful that increased construction traffic as well as noise and vibration may be heard inside of the construction fence.

Morrison Hall will be closed starting Friday, Jan. 27 for extensive electrical work and will be without electricity during that time. The electricity is expected to be back on Monday, Jan. 30.

Shocker Printing Solutions and the Post Office will be closed during this period. To speak with Morrison Hall staff or faculty, please reach out via email.

Your patience is appreciated.

Photo showing the location of the sidewalk closure between Beggs Hall and Ablah Library.

With the ATL Utilities Replacement Project underway, construction requires the area between Media Resource Center and the Aviation Testing Lab to be closed from Friday, Jan. 13 through March 17.

Map showing construction fence around Clinton Hall

Work on the renovation of Clinton Hall into the Shocker Success Center begins over the winter break with the placement of a construction safety fence.

The fence will stretch from Clinton Hall, along the east side of the Rhatigan Student Center, into the east portion of Parking Lot 7 and circling back up around Clinton Hall, preserving access to the Multicultural Greek Quad and the Plaza of the Heroines.

There will be a break in the fence near the east lawn of the RSC for walking traffic, though there will be times that the break is blocked off for construction material deliveries.

The entire campus community’s patience and understanding is appreciated. We know there will be inconveniences during construction, but it will all be worth it.

The Shocker Success Center is expected to be complete, and the fence removed, by mid-2024. Once finished, it will completely transform Clinton Hall into a holistic resource for student services, centralizing access to these services to help students stay on course to graduate.

The Shocker Success Center will house 17 student services that are currently scattered across campus in 10 buildings.

The west elevator at John Bardo Center is currently out of service and will not be available  beginning Jan. 28. Maintenance will last approximately one week. The east elevator is still in operation.

The freight elevator at Wallace Hall will be undergoing upgrades and will be out of service for approximately 14 weeks beginning Jan. 31. For your convenience, please perform any heavy or large moves by Jan. 28.

The passenger elevators will continue to operate and will not be affected. We apologize for any inconvenience.