Employee self-evaluation in myPerformance is due Jan. 31

Non-teaching employees now have access to their annual myPerformance self-review. This opportunity allows employees to provide their input on job performance and accomplishments since the beginning of the current review period that started March 1, 2022.

Employee self-evaluations are due in myPerformance by 11:59 p.m. Jan. 31. Employees can access myPerformance by logging into myWSU and selecting the myPerformance link found under the faculty/staff tab.

For more information, including myPerformance training, quick reference guides and other resources, visit the myPerformance homepage.

Helpful myPerformance hints:

  • Employees have unlimited access in myPerformance to update and edit content in their self-review until automatic rollover to their manager for the manager review step that begins on Feb. 1.
  • Submit after saving every update on a myPerformance evaluation. Employees will still have access to evaluations throughout the remainder of January even if it is already submitted. Just checkmark the small box that says, “show completed and expired tasks” to view them.
  • Need a copy of a past performance evaluation? Checkmark the small box that says, “show completed and expired tasks,” then “search.” Select the evaluation requested and select the option to print/save to PDF.
  • myPerformance Training is available as an online module through myTraining and includes a condensed “myTraining for employees” version.