SCCS staff available to give presentations

Do you need Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) staff to present in a classroom, at a conference, at a departmental meeting or for a program?

SCCS staff are always happy to present on any of the following topics, to provide more education for students, staff and faculty on campus regarding our office or the policies we oversee:

  • Overview of academic integrity
  • Overview of submitting incident reports
  • Overview of specific conduct policies found in 05/student code of conduct
  • Overview of specific data from our office
  • Hazing prevention
  • Classroom management
  • General Information about SCCS

Please fill out our online Request a Presentation form, if you would like SCCS staff to create a specific presentation for you! A member of our SCCS team will be assigned to work with you to meet the presentation goals and will be available to present on the topic as well as answer any questions.

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to