Podcast focuses on COVID-19 aftermath

Season 2 of the “Let’s Talk About It” podcast has begun. Today’s subject is the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath and will feature commentary from Camille Childers, Student Health Services director; Tasha Parker, WSU therapist and doctoral candidate; and David Nevarez and Chase Biswell, WSU undergraduate students.

About “Let’s Talk About It”: The mission of the FUSE ICT is to prepare and inspire students to achieve their true passion and purpose while providing the tools, opportunities, and diverse programming options for them to grow. One of the most effective tools that we have to spark dialogue and unearth passion is dialogue. Our goal with “Let’s Talk About It” is to create a safe, comfortable and casual environment that will foster connection with diverse people in an effort to create meaning, ask questions and start honest conversations about the topics that matter most to college students today.