COVID-19 vaccine incentive programs at Wichita State

Wichita State University is expanding two programs to incentivize students to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Participation in both incentive programs is completely voluntary.

  • Prize incentives: Join your fellow Shocker students and fight the spread of COVID-19. WSU students can visit myShockerHealth portal to submit verification of COVID-19 vaccinations. Once you have submitted your vaccination verification, your name will be entered in a daily prize drawing from Aug. 27 to Sept. 3. Prizes include an iPad, an Apple Watch, airpods, a Keurig coffeemaker, a laptop, and an air fryer. The deadline to submit records for this incentive program is Friday, Aug. 27.
  • Financial incentives: The newest vaccine incentive program includes a $250 award for fall 2021 for current students who can show proof of vaccination. Participating students may also be eligible to receive one of 20 scholarships worth $5,000 each for the spring 2022 semester, which will be awarded through a random drawing. Students with questions after reading the link abovecan ask them via the myShockerHealth portal. The deadline to submit records for this incentive program is Friday, Oct. 8.

If you have already received your COVID-19 vaccine through Student Health OR have already submitted your vaccination records to Student Health, you do not need to submit them again. You can check the myShockerHealth portal under “Immunizations” to verify if your COVID-19 vaccinations are on file.

Students with questions can ask them via the myShockerHealth portal.

Vaccinations continue to be the best weapon against COVID-19 as we work together to move past this pandemic. We encourage anyone who can to get vaccinated from Student Health or anywhere else where it’s offered.

As a reminder, masks are required in all indoor classrooms and labs at Wichita State and are strongly recommended indoors elsewhere.

“Throughout my medical career as a physician assistant, I’ve never seen a vaccine like the ones we have for COVID-19, which are extremely effective in preventing serious illness or death,” says WSU President Dr. Rick Muma. “By encouraging our students and the rest of our campus community to get vaccinated, it gives us the best odds at keeping our classrooms and campus open — and eventually ending this pandemic.”