Podcast focuses on the student-athlete experience

Episode 8: The Student Athlete
Dr. Mike Ross, assistant professor in sport management
Sara Mathews, director of compliance
Rachel Johnson, sport management major

This is our final episode of the first season of “Let’s Talk About It.” It’s been a journey that we’re honored to have shared with you. In this episode, we’re looking at the unique experience of student-athletes. How do they deal with the pressure and publicity that comes along with the student-athlete experience? How do they foster both the athletic part of themselves but also everything about them that isn’t their sport? Here to break this down with us are:

  • Mike Ross, assistant professor in the Department of Sport Management and coordinator of the E-Learning program
  • Sarah Mathews, director of compliance for the WSU athletics department
  • Rachel Johnson, junior in sport management major and former WSU basketball player.

Stay tuned for Season 2 coming in August 2021.

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