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Whether you’ve walked the paths of WSU recently, long ago or only through the eyes of others, you are a valuable part of the university’s story. This is a place where the past stands side by side with the future. Professors and lecturers pass along their wisdom while students reach new heights of excellence, challenging each other to keep up with the ever-changing face of higher education.

This year, we’re celebrating that history with our first annual Founders’ Day of Giving on Sept. 14. This is a day for all of Shocker Nation to come together to invest in our future and continue advancing the vision of our beloved university.

Image of Student receives academic instruction from teacher.

Wichita State University has thousands of faculty and staff members dedicated to creating a successful experience for every student who steps on campus. But often, they don’t see the full impact that dedication has on the lives of students.

The Shocker Success Center will consolidate these offices in the center  of campus, enabling them to better serve WSU students.

“Having the building in the middle of campus will make it much easier for students to say, ‘can you help me?’ And even if they don’t, we’re going to be here to offer it to them so they can be all they can be. We’re going to do great things for students,” said Larry Burks, director of the office of Military and Veteran Services.

Image of Leanne Caret

Leanne Caret’s belief in the power of education goes beyond words. For years, she and her husband, Steve, have helped fund scholarships and educational opportunities and they want to continue that support for generations to come through a planned gift to Wichita State.

“Helping make education less of a burden gives people a chance they might not normally have,” said Caret. “We’ve been very blessed in our personal and professional lives, and we want to pay it forward. It’s as simple as that.”

Chemistry students study over a lab table.

Allen Galliart and Doug English have never met in person, but they share a common passion: helping chemistry students succeed. It’s this goal that brought the two together to start the Pooled Chemistry Scholarship at Wichita State.

Together, they created the Pooled Chemistry Scholarship, with the goal to find other alumni and faculty to contribute and get the scholarship to the endowed level, where it will provide student funding every year in perpetuity.

The parking lot directly south of the Rhatigan Student Center will close for an event on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 1. The lot will be available to park in after 2 p.m. Sept. 1.

Students, now is the time to buy the green student ePermit and to update personal parking information. To do this, visit the University Police Station front desk with cash or a check to purchase a fall 2022, or fall 2022 and spring 2023, parking ePermit. Students can also pay with a card and login to their parking portal and purchase their ePermit online.

The vehicle model is not a required field when registering a vehicle. Law enforcement in all lots, including green student parking lots, will begin again on Aug. 22.

For more information, contact Parking Services at

This year, we’re celebrating Wichita State’s commitment to our students with our first annual Founders’ Day of Giving on September 14. Save the date to join thousands of Shocker alumni, students, employees, parents, and friends to celebrate our history and invest in our future this Founders’ Day.

Giving during this 24-hour event will take your generosity even further with the help of matching gifts, and we want you to be involved. Sign up to become an ambassador and help raise funds to support the college, department, program, student organization, or team you love.

As we gear up for a new school year, be sure to follow Parking Services on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date about parking on campus.

Louise and Deb Brinegar both say that Wichita State was woven into the fabric of their family, so it was a no-brainer for the sisters to create scholarships for WSU students.

“WSU allowed our parents to achieve the dreams they had as a couple,” said Deb. “The lifelong desire to learn, to give back to the community and to expand their horizons, that was a part of what they took away from here. We want to honor their heritage.”

Barbara and Pete Bassi have spent their lives traveling and living in different countries, gaining a broad understanding of other cultures and customs. The wealth of experiences they’ve had are exactly what they hope to pass on to students at Wichita State through their study abroad scholarship.

“Books provide an important education, but you need to learn about other cultures and their differences and needs,” said Barbara. “That’s where the scholarship comes along. We want people to have a chance to get out of their boxes and look at the world around them — that’s the purpose of education.”