Two hands holding an iPad with the SWAY assessment application instructions displayed on the screen.
July 21, 2021 — The Department of Human Performance Studies-Exercise Science, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology-Clinical Psychology, is seeking volunteers for a study. The study will focus on the accuracy of reaction time and cognitive function tests in comparison with traditional tests widely accepted and used in a clinical and sport setting.
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July 8, 2021 — The NASA Kansas Space Grant Consortium (KSGC) Teacher Workshop Program is currently accepting proposals for KSGC affiliated middle-school teachers The KSGC supports the development and implementation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educator workshops.
May 20, 2021 — A student in the department of communication sciences and disorders is looking for participants in a comparison study of skilled strategies used with bilingual adolescents between school-based and non-school-based speech-language pathologists (SLPs). The study is under the direction of Dr. Karissa Marble-Flint and Dr. Douglas Parham. If interested, contact Laura Santos or Dr. Marble-Flint or call 316-978-6356.
May 10, 2021 — Volunteers 65 years old and above are requested for a fall risk monitoring study May 10-28 at Donald L. Beggs Hall (main lobby). The study is part of a research project funded by Regional Institute on Aging. The purpose is to develop a wireless and flexible skin-wearable electronic device with motion sensors to identify the fall risk of older adults
April 26, 2021 — Recordings of previous WSU Office of Research workshops can be found at For example, if you missed the K-State University webinar on the National Science Foundation Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate, the zoom link and password for this presentation is listed on our WSU Research Workshop webpage. Other recorded presentations include: Introduction to the Research Office, Institutional Review Board, Data Security, Internal Funding through the Faculty Support Committee, and applying to National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF). Please email if you have any difficulty accessing the previous recordings.
April 21, 2021 — A doctoral student in communication sciences and disorders is conducting a study on comparison of an existing and a newly developed clinical technique for evaluating function of the middle ear. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35, have normal hearing, have not had an ear infection in the past three months, nor had a cold or flu in the past two weeks. Participants will receive a no-cost comprehensive hearing evaluation and ear examination prior to testing. The testing will take about one hour in Room 106 Hubbard Hall. We have implemented a virus protection plan following university … Continue reading "Doctoral student needs participants for a hearing research"
April 21, 2021 — Five students in Ph.D. program for physical therapy area looking for participants 50 years of age or older with chronic low back pain. Your participation may help physical therapists understand and treat chronic low back pain in a technological age using at-home therapy services. If chosen to participate and are placed in the experimental group, you complete an eight-week home exercise program that will be monitored via e-mail. The exercise program will not require external resistance (weights or resistance bands). You will fill out one questionnaire prior to starting the program and three questionnaires eight weeks later. If you are placed … Continue reading "Students seek participants to study back pain"