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The November edition of Teaching Today is all about gratitude.

In this edition, Provost Shirley Lefever extends her thanks to Wichita State instructors. In addition, Office of Instructional Resources staff and contributors thank those who make our everyday lives at WSU better in large and small ways.

Have a look, and maybe you’ll see your name in a gratitude shout-out section.

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teaching today

Each month, the Office of Instructional Resources publishes a teaching-centered newsletter called Teaching Today. The October issue of Teaching Today addresses the important topic of digital transformation, and we are excited to share this conversation with our campus industry partners.

In this issue, we take on as many aspects of digital transformation as we can with topics such as high-performance computing, the influence of AI on teaching and learning, and practical applications of these technologies with approachable tools like ArcGIS and even some cool Microsoft 365 features. Along the way, we have lots of examples of how humans and AI can partner to create original creative work.

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The October issue of Teaching Today addresses the very important topic of digital transformation. From what it is to where it’s going, we cover as many aspects of digital transformation as we could.

This month’s issue is huge! It also has many guests including Terrance Figy (high-performance computing), David Macdonald (music and artificial intelligence), Ethan Lindsay (Arc GIS), Ali Levine (Microsoft 365’s cool features), and Provost Shirley Lefever (digital transformation and education).

We hope you enjoy this issue, and as always, if you see something you like, please share it with a friend.

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Teaching Today: Be in the know every month

The September issue of Teaching Today is now available. The September 2022 issue has information about WSU’s Preventing Suicide training, the upcoming January Academic Resources Conference and information about the Course Messages feature in Blackboard.

Teaching Today, be in the know each month

The summer issue of Teaching Today is available and has everything you need to know about the upcoming Academic Resources Conference.

For example, did you know that all WSU staff and instructors are invited to the ARC? That’s right, the ARC has something for everyone. Learn more about upcoming sessions and read all about the newest changes to the Ultra Course Format grade book.

The Academic Resources Conference (ARC) provides training and discussion opportunities for all WSU staff and instructors, and as always we are free and online. It’s easy to attend, and here is what we have prepared for today, Wednesday, Aug. 17:

The Academic Resources Conference (ARC) offers a week of training to WSU staff and faculty three times a year. All ARCs have technical training, opportunities for discussion and sharing, and personalized help. All sessions are free and do not require registration. Get the Outlook invites with Zoom links for all of today’s sessions here:

ARC 22 Prepare for the future August 15-19

The Academic Resources Conference (ARC) is open to all staff and faculty; and as always, it’s free and online. Here is what we have scheduled for today, Aug. 16:

The very popular Panel Hour is back as part of the ARC this August, and we hope you plan to join us right from your desk. Each session runs 50 minutes and is online over the lunch hour. Everyone is invited. Here is what we have lined up for you:

ARC 22 Prepare for the future August 15-19

The Academic Resources Conference (ARC) is free and open to all WSU staff and instructors. Today is the last day, and we have a big block of lab time available to help people set up Blackboard courses and organizations. We also have a great panel for the lunchtime panel hour. You don’t want to miss out!