Wichita State receives $1 million grant from NSF ADVANCE

Wichita State University has announce the receipt of a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its ADVANCE project, “REACH for Excellence: WSU’s ADVANCE Adaptation Initiative for Equity in STEM Faculty.” Leading this initiative are principal investigator Jan Twomey and co-principal investigators Linnea GlenMaye, Rhonda Lewis, Moriah Beck, David Eichorn and Tiffany Franks.

This important ADVANCE award is a direct response to the challenges highlighted in WSU’s previous institutional assessment, focusing on increasing the representation of female and underrepresented faculty. With proven strategies, REACH aims to break down barriers and create a more inclusive academic environment.

The REACH project is driven by three ambitious objectives:

  1. Revolutionize recruitment and hiring practices to ensure equity.
  2. Establish robust support systems for faculty success and career progression at all levels.
  3. Foster a culture of equity, with clear expectations and accountability for deans and department chairs.

Although the initiative is centered on STEM faculty, all faculty members at WSU will have the opportunity to benefit from the REACH programming. This is more than a grant; it’s a commitment to shaping a diverse and equitable future for Wichita State University. More details will be shared in the fall.