Windows 11 upgrade coming soon

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 in October 2025. In order to meet security compliance, all university owned Windows machines will be required to be on Windows 11 by that date.

To facilitate an orderly transition, Wichita State’s Information Technology Services (ITS) will start pushing upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11 starting Aug. 1, 2024. This will be an “in place” upgrade and should not affect your data. However, your machine will reboot after the upgrade. ITS will endeavor to contact you prior to the upgrade period with more precise timing.

If your device is not compatible with Windows 11, you will soon receive a message letting you know that it will need to be replaced. If you would like to check for yourself, see instructions here: How to check if your device meets Windows 11 system requirements after changing device hardware – Microsoft Support.

We understand that upgrading to a new operating system can be stressful. Please check out this site to familiarize yourself with Windows 11: Meet Windows 11 – Microsoft Support.

If your computer is already on Windows 11, you will receive no upgrade or communication from ITS regarding this upgrade.

If you have any questions, contact Jessica Wolf with ITS Desktop Support at or the ITS Help Desk at