WSU Center for Entrepreneurship reintegrates with Barton School of Business

Wichita State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, after five years with the College of Innovation and Design (CID), is reintegrating with the Barton School of Business. This move aims to enhance alignment with Wichita State’s initiatives in bolstering entrepreneurship programs, providing immersive student experiences, engaging with the entrepreneurial community, and meeting the needs of aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship transitioning to the Barton School of Business is a strategic move that aligns with our shared vision of fostering a culture of entrepreneurship across Wichita State University. As CID focuses on deepening its strength in managing and developing emerging technologies, we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with the Barton School to empower the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders,” said Dr. Jeremy Patterson, dean of the College of Innovation and Design.

The Center for Entrepreneurship will continue striving for excellence by integrating its programming and mission into the entrepreneurial academic and research pursuits of the Barton School and across the WSU campus. Integration with the Barton School has the potential to enhance its position as a premier entrepreneurial center and will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with other colleges on campus, including the College of Innovation and Design. The center will continue its pivotal support of students and founders in the early startup phase of their ventures, while building on the continued development of the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem.