Badge programs can further your abilities and help you succeed

Writing for Social Media badge

Professionals can learn new skills or enhance what they already know with Badges at Wichita State, such as with the Professional Writing series, which covers a breadth of topics to bring your writing to a higher level.

Badges are bite-sized, one credit hour or less courses that can be taken at your own pace using Open Educational Resources. Registering in the Professional Writing series can help you gain skills in areas such as creating your resume and cover letter or writing and editing for social media. Or you can learn more about presenting online, writing professional correspondence or developing researching grants.

To learn more about Badges, including how to enroll for the fall 2024 semester, visit, or fill out the Badge interest form for any questions you may have. And employees at Wichita State can apply for Tuition Assistance to cover the cost of Badges. The final application window for Tuition Assistance closes Aug. 2.

Wichita State has been a national leader in creating a standard for microcredentials, allowing employers to be confident that meaningful learning has occurred, so you can confidently list a badge from WSU on your resume.