Shocker Career Accelerator is transitioning to new career services platform: Shocker Central

Shocker Career Accelerator is excited to announce that it is transitioning career services platforms from Handshake to Shocker Central (powered by 12Twenty).

It is implementing the change to Shocker Central because 12Twenty offers a more robust and user-friendly interface that will better serve the diverse needs of students, alumni, employers and the entire university community. Key benefits of 12Twenty include advanced analytics, customized reporting and enhanced employer engagement.

In anticipation of the transition, Shocker Career Accelerator encourages you to take a couple of next steps:

Update any references to Handshake in your materials and communications to reflect the switch to Shocker Central. Change Handshake links on your webpage to Shocker Central at:

If you have used Handshake to post student positions, log into the Handshake system ( and download any job descriptions you may want to reuse in Shocker Central in the future.

Shocker Career Accelerator anticipates going live with Shocker Central (12Twenty) in July. It thanks you for your cooperation and commitment during this transition. Contact Shocker Career Accelerator at 316-978-3688 or if you have any questions.