CARE Team wraps up spring semester and prepares for summer semester

CARE Team had a total of 31 CARE cases for the month of May. Though there was an 11.43% decrease in the number of cases from May 2023 to May 2024, in comparing actual numbers May 2024 only had three less CARE cases compared to the previous year (31 cases compared to 34 cases).

The top concerns reported during the month included academic concerns and financial concerns. Academic concerns were related to not passing courses and stress of finals. CARE Team case managers communicated with academic advisors, student conduct and professors to communicate best supportive actions for these students. The financial concerns students reported were related to finding employment for the summer and finances to pay for fall 2024. Common resources discussed were Handshake, Scholarship Universe and Financial Wellness programs.

Overall, CARE’s case managers provided 244 electronic outreaches (211 emails and 33 texts) in the month of May to students, ensuring resources were provided and needs were met prior to students leaving for the summer. CARE Team can predict the number of CARE cases will decrease during the month of June; however, CARE will continue to meet with students during the summer as needs arise.