Badge program highlight: Global Business

Wichita State’s badge program makes workforce training and continuing education accessible and affordable. Each badge is designed with the practicing professional in mind so coursework can be completed online and at your own pace.

  • The Overview of Exporting badge program covers the basics of exporting. This includes the importance of exports, potential barriers to exports, evaluating export markets and sources for export related market research.
  • The Modes of Entry into Foreign Markets badge program introduces students to the different possible methods of entering foreign markets and evaluates these in terms of different products and services. It also describes ways in which foreign market partners can be identified and evaluated.
  • The Managing Across Cultures badge program will introduce what culture is and how it affects businesses. Badge information will include core concepts of overview of cultures, understanding cultural frameworks and using these frameworks to understand how different aspects of culture affect businesses.
  • The Globalizations and Its Implications badge program will discuss globalization, its causes and its impact on different stakeholders. Badge content will include an analysis of the history of globalization, and its effects, both positive and negative, on different stakeholders in society.

To register for a badge program, follow the admission/enrollment instructions. For additional assistance, fill out the badge form and a representative from WSU will contact you to assist you with the admission and enrollment process.