Badge program highlight: Composite Structural Engineering Technology

Wichita State’s badge program makes workforce training and continuing education accessible and affordable. Each badge is designed with the practicing professional in mind so coursework can be completed online and at your own pace.

The Composite Structural Engineering Technology badge program provides the students with the background knowledge related to composite material applications, materials, processes, manufacturing, structural design, proof of structures, maintenance, Aeroelastic issues, crashworthiness, fire safety and lightning protection. This course serves as a foundation course for the follow-on courses which elaborate on the aforementioned topics.

Additionally, the CMfgT/CSET Hands-On Lab badge program provides students with hands-on experiences on prepreg cutting, manual layup and bagging of simple laminated composite parts, non-destructive inspection and scarf repair. And there is a series of four badge programs available covering safety awareness in composite manufacturing technology:

To register for a badge program, follow the admission/enrollment instructions. For additional assistance, fill out the badge form and a representative from WSU will contact you to assist you with the admission and enrollment process.