Office of Instructional Resources seeks instructional design specialist

The Office of Instructional Resources, which serves students by helping instructors be the best they can be, is looking for an instructional design specialist.

This role is pivotal in supporting faculty through technological training, particularly with Blackboard, and creating engaging online video content. You will be responsible for curating our monthly newsletter, highlighting instructional design topics, trends on campus, and noteworthy events for content. We are our academic resources support with opportunities for professional development, cultivating means in which to pass on instructional knowledge to assist faculty in thinking more creatively and staying up to speed with the rapidly advancing classroom dynamic.

Key responsibilities:
  • Develop and deliver comprehensive tech training sessions for faculty members.
  • Assist with the utilization and troubleshooting of Blackboard learning management system.
  • Produce and maintain high-quality online video resources for faculty.
  • Take charge of the monthly newsletter, ensuring it reflects the trends and happenings pertinent improvements of instructional design.
  • Support academic events by identifying and distributing educational resources.
  • Foster professional development, encouraging faculty to embrace creativity in their classroom.