Adult learners can apply for Osher Scholarship

If you have experienced a five-year cumulative gap in your education and are earning your first bachelor’s degree, you’re encouraged to apply for the Osher Reentry Scholarship.

Previously, the scholarship was only open to students who took more than 50% of their classes on campus. However, now it is open to students who take classes online or on campus. Students in an online program are encouraged to apply.

To apply for the scholarship, students need the following:

  • An updated resume
  • The first page of your Student Aid Report from your FAFSA, which includes the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) score
  • Answer to the essay prompt: In a short essay, explain why you are pursuing a degree and the difference you hope to make by obtaining it. This essay should also illustrate your potential for academic success by maintaining at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and discuss your financial need.

To see a full list of the program eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Osher Scholars webpage.

Email Pamela O’Neal, associate director of student engagement in the Office of Online and Adult Learning, at with any questions.