CARE Team’s campus connections in April

CARE Team saw a 22% increase in the number of students referred during the month of April, totaling 108 students. This time of year, it is common to have students anxious over their academics with finals fast approaching and the stress of graduation just around the corner.

The top three concerns reported to CARE were students’ work deteriorating in quality, facing repeated absences and disclosing distress to their professors. This time of year, those concerns are typically common. However, over half of the reports submitted to CARE Team were for students classified as freshmen. As case managers provided outreach, these freshmen disclosed being overwhelmed with their courses, struggling with time management and trying to make up coursework from earlier in the semester.

Case managers were able to work with campus supports such as CAPS, Housing and Residence Life, academic advisors and success coaches in providing wrap around support to these students to help them finish the semester strong.

Though the semester is ending, CARE Services are still available to WSU students throughout the summer. As staff and faculty, if you would like more information about the ways CARE Team’s case managers can work with your students, view the case management page to learn who is assigned to your academic college.