OAK Supercomputing Conference and High Performance Computing Security Workshop hosted at WSU

The campus community is invited to the OAK Supercomputing Conference and High Performance Computing Security Workshop at Wichita State University.

Major topics will include:

  • High performance and high throughput computing (HPC/HTC)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Data analytics and data visualization
  • Internet of things (IoT)

The event will take place May 20-23 and will bring together leading researchers, industry professionals, federal agencies and students from across the nation to share their experience in high-performance computing.

The conference is open to participants from higher-education, government and industry. Attendance is from many of the major national labs, research centers, universities and industry from across the nation. The event will provide a unique opportunity to interact with many of the leading and emerging players in the community. Think about collaborations and funding opportunities.

Registration is free but required. For more information, visit the conference website and workshop website.

There is also a number of opportunities for students, including:

  • Several student competitions including posters, presentations and projects with prizes awarded
  • Several free leaning opportunities including Nvidia and Mathlab workshops. The Nvidia workshop, which usually cost around $600, will award a certificate for the students who attend all 8 hours.
  • Several companies that will be there, and a number are looking to hire
  • And food served for free

Consider registering, as it will help with future events. Reach out to Terrance Figy for any questions at terrance.figy@wichita.edu.