There is still time to submit your textbook adoptions

Faculty, there is still time to submit summer and fall 2024 textbook information to the Shocker Store.

Verba Collect is a simplified faculty experience including pre-populated course assignments, easy-to-adopt past adoptions and smart book search. Verba Collect will send out customized emails to faculty and department coordinators with a unique link that logs you into a walkthrough process without any need for username or password. Once you get into Verba Collect, there are four short videos for your perusal showing how to get started, add materials and submit your adoptions. Keep an eye on your email inboxes for an email from Verba.

If you are interested in providing your course materials digitally through the Shocker Store’s Access Now program, where students will access them in Blackboard, select that option in the “Item Questions.” Should you choose to have your courses participate in the program and those courses cross list with another course. please order the same thing for both and note that on your order.

Those planning on using open resource materials can indicate that on their order as well and to flag the course as such and the information can be made available to students.

Those interested in learning more about Access Now can reach out at For any other questions or concerns, contact the Shocker Store at or 316-978-7032.