WSU professors will connect language and history to multigenerational missions at Interstellar Seminar

Facility of language and the role of history during multigenerational missions to the stars will be discussed at Interstellar Seminar from 2:30 to 3:20 p.m. Wednesday April 24 in 104 Jabara Hall and online.

Communication is key for long-duration crewed missions. During multigenerational missions of 500 years or more, the languages brought will change as a new culture develops, very much different than Earth. Dr. Mythili Menon, director of linguistics at WSU, will join Interstellar Seminar to discuss the future of language, as humans travel to distant star systems.

Speeding away from home, the Earth will become a dot in space that eventually can no longer be seen. The history of the Earth will be preserved during an interstellar mission in some fashion, while a new history is being written. Dr. George Dehner, professor of history at WSU, will discuss the place history has for multigenerational missions that will never return to Earth.

Zoom details and an archive of previous seminars can be found on the Wichita Space Initiative website.