Explore space psychology with Nick Kanas at Interstellar Seminar

Nick Kanas headshot

Join Interstellar Seminar from 2:30 to 3:20 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 in 104 Jabara Hall or online to experience Dr. Nick Kanas’ talk on the psychology of interstellar travel.

The stresses of living in the wilderness of space are distinct from what we typically experience on the ground. Multigenerational missions to the stars will create unique challenges for mental health, interpersonal relationships and governance.

Dr. Kanas focuses on space psychology as an emeritus professor of psychiatry at University of California at San Francisco. He is an award-winning author and researcher and fellow of both the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the Royal Astronomical Society. Author of the leading textbook on space psychology and psychiatry, Dr. Kanas is also a celebrated science fiction novelist.

Zoom details and archived lectures can be found on the Wichita Space Initiative webpage.