Changes coming to university license to The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education will soon change the way readers access it online. The third-party cookie policies of Google and other browsers are changing in 2024, so simply being on the WSU campus will no longer provide automatic access.

Since each Internet browser is rolling out its new policies at different times throughout 2024, there is no single date for when the change will take place.

So that you don’t accidently lose access to this valuable academic resource, University Libraries encourages employees go to The Chronicle’s website now to set up an account using your WSU email address ( You can then customize your individual account to include access to The Chronicle’s newsletters such as Academe Today, Race on Campus, Teaching and other resources such as academic reports and “how-to” guides. And, of course, there is continued access to The Chronicle’s job board.

Off-campus access to The Chronicle will continue via proxied IP authentication.

The WSU Libraries will continue to keep employees up-to-date should additional information become available regarding access to The Chronicle as browser cookie policies change throughout the year.