WSU to host 3rd OAK Supercomputing Conference May 20-23 and 4th High-Performance Security Workshop May 20-21

The third OAK Supercomputing Conference will be held at Wichita State University between May 20-23. Full details are available on the conference website. The program includes scientific talks, poster presentations and hands-on workshops. Special workshops offered include: Deep Learning by NVIDIA and MATLAB by MathWorks.

The conference is being co-organized with the fourth national High-Performance Computing Security Workshop, May 20-21.

The OAK conference and the HPC Security Workshops are open to all level of participants (faculty, researchers, HPC/IT admins and students and industry). The goal is to bring together the HPC users to lower the barrier of entry to HPC for folks who do not have access to it. Topics include High Performance and High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC), Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics and Data Visualization, and Internet of Things (IoT). Slots for podium talks and poster presentations are available (see the websites for more details).

The conference and workshop are available at no charge, but registrations are required (separately for the OAK Conference and HPC Security Workshop). The events will be held in-person on WSU’s campus to promote interaction and collaboration (see conference website for lodging information).

Travel funding available: Limited funding is available to support travel. Participants from emerging/smaller institutions and under-represented groups are specially encouraged to apply.