Major League Table Tennis is coming to Koch Arena

Major League Table Tennis (MLTT), the first professional table tennis league in the United States, is coming to Wichita State’s Koch Arena April 5-7, and MLTT is offering discounted tickets to WSU fans.

MLTT features world class players — the best in America — representing 40 total countries, and competes in an innovative team game format that concludes with the Golden Game, a pulse-pounding race to 21 points where every member of each five-person team rotates in every four points.

Tickets are available for just $20 ($15 for students and seniors, $10 for kids), and you can get another 25% off with code: SHOCK25. Go to the online ticket storefront, enter the code at the top where it says “Enter Promo Code,” then select your tickets.

Tickets also grant fans access to the fan zone, where they can play on ping pong tables, meet the pros and potentially even get a chance to play a few points against the stars.

For more updates, schedules, behind-the-scenes content and information on MLTT players, teams and coaches, visit the MLTT website.