2024-25 WSU undergraduate and graduate catalogs are now available online

The 2024-25 undergraduate and graduate catalogs are now live and online. Links to both catalogs can be found online (wichita.edu/catalog).

Check out the new catalog design with collapsible navigation to make it easier to find information about admission, financial aid, advising, student resources, degree requirements and more.

Use the “Search Courses” feature to find courses offered at WSU by subject or department. You can even search by course attributes such as general education, diversity and honors.

Look on the “Degrees and Academic Majors” page to browse through all of WSU’s undergraduate or graduate degrees, programs and certificates. Click on any of the column headers to sort the list the way you want it, or click on the name of the program and go right to the program information.

The catalogs are accessible from your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Links to download PDFs of the full undergraduate and graduate catalogs are located at the bottom right of every page next to links to create PDFs of individual catalog pages.