School of Education to host first annual colloquium on equity in education

The School of Education is hosting its first annual Colloquium. Join it for a talk on equity in education by Dr. Crystal Kalinec-Craig of the University of Texas San Antonio at 5 p.m. March 19 in 209 Hubbard Hall.

Dr. Kalinec-Craig is the vice president of advocacy, equity and research for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, PI for Project NORM (Noticing, Operationalizing and Rehumanizing Mathematics) and writes an educational blog, “Embracing Life with Major Revisions.” Her teaching and research interests involve issues of equity in elementary and middle grades classrooms and mathematics education programs. She is interested in how to prepare future teachers to embrace the Torres’ Rights of the Learner while emphasizing students’ humanity.

Join the engaging discussion about how to create humanizing classrooms where pedagogy supports students’ rights as learners.