Loren Belew selected for 2024 Advisory Board of Students Learn Students Vote

Headshot of Loren Belew

Loren Belew, civic engagement coordinator for the Office of Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership, secured a seat on the 2024 Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Advisory Board.

The SLSV Coalition is a nationwide nonpartisan network committed to boosting student voter turnout and awareness across college campuses. Sixteen leaders from across the United States were selected to lead educational opportunities for students and facilitate access to voter registration. During the 2020 presidential election cycle, the SLSV Coalition played a major role in doubling the national student voter turnout compared to previous election years. The advisory board has great expectations for the 2024 election.

“I look forward to serving on the SLSV board and think it will be a great opportunity to work with other colleges, universities and nonprofits to talk and learn about best practices and ways to engage students in voting and civic engagement,” Belew said.” I hope that I will also be able to share some of these resources with our own campus and that we may be able to incorporate them into our own voter engagement initiatives.”

Belew earned her place in the board based on her dedication to civic engagement and commitment to having Wichita State recognized as a voter-friendly campus. In her role, Belew collaborates closely with the Shockers Vote Coalition and its delegates, ensuring all voices of Wichita State are heard in the upcoming elections. Additionally, she provides guidance to the Community Service Board, further emphasizing her dedication to bringing civic awareness to the campus community.

With a student enrollment exceeding 23,000 at Wichita State, enhancing student voter turnout can greatly impact election results. By fostering a community of civic engagement and awareness on campus, Belew aims to empower students to actively participate in elections.