Create Space podcast features a multidisciplinary collaboration between two departments in Fairmount College

Create Space - Find Joy in the Art of Storytelling. Episode 34 - Literature in the audio age with Dr. Katie Lanning

Jessica Newman, assistant educator in the Elliott School of Communication, produces and hosts the podcast Create Space. The show focuses on creativity and storytelling and has featured WSU faculty, students and alums.

The episode, “Literature in the Audio Age,” is a multidisciplinary collaboration between two departments in the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Jessica is joined by Dr. Katie Lanning, assistant professor of English. Dr. Lanning is pioneering a new course at Wichita State titled “Literature in the Audio Age,” set to launch in fall 2024. In the episode, she gives a preview of the course as she and Jessica explore the fascinating intersection of literature and audio technology.

They dissect a piece of Shakespeare and discuss its meaning in the context of audio technology’s rapid growth. Listeners will learn how the experience of literature transforms in the dynamic landscape of the audio age, where podcasts, audiobooks and immersive soundscapes are reshaping the way people engage with narratives.

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