Elliott School to host One Small Step conversation in Elliott Hall

On March 21, 22 and 23, the Elliott School of Communication is hosting One Small Step conversations in the podcast studio in Elliott Hall. All faculty, staff and students are invited to sign-up and participate in a recorded/facilitated conversation. If you’ve considered participating in One Small Step before but haven’t signed up, now is the time. The session times will be available all day on all three dates so you can arrange a time that fits your schedule.

If you’d like to participate, sign up online. Then, once you’ve signed up, you can email One Small Step field manager, Mary Bess Ser at bser@storycorps.org, and let her know what days and times you are available to get scheduled.

One Small Step is a non-profit organization formed under Story Corps. The mission is to brings strangers with different political views together to record 50-minute facilitated conversations, not to debate politics, but to learn more about who we are as people. One Small Step was created to remind the country of the humanity in all of us, even those with whom we disagree. 

The founder of Story Corps, Dave Isay is a radio producer and he’s won six Peabody awards. He was recently interviewed about One Small Step by WSU President, Rick Muma, on the Forward Together Podcast. One Small Step has also been covered by The Sunflower, WSU’s independent student newspaper.

Why has the Elliott School chosen to partner with One Small Step? Because storytelling is what its all about. Sharing stories in a strategic way in order to facilitate connection and community is what it does. This is an opportunity for WSU to be involved in a large-scale, strategic, story-telling initiative and the Elliott School is hopeful that the campus community will join.