Quiet Time meditation program now has a newsletter

The Office of Instructional Resources has recently begun offering meditations through a new program called Quiet Time, and it is now offering a newsletter to augment the Quiet Time program, which you can read the first issue of online.

The Quiet Time newsletter will come out bi-monthly and include research-based information about mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and related meditation habits. It will also include short MBSR trainings and links to recorded versions of its Quiet Time meditations.

Think of the Quiet Time newsletter as a little oasis of mental wellbeing info in a busy week. After checking out the inaugural issue, reach out to the Office of Instructional Resources at oir@wichita.edu to subscribe. As always, all OIR resources are free and available to everyone, so spread the word to those friends you think might be interested, whether they work at WSU or elsewhere.