Do not convert to Ultra if you have student submissions

Starting with the summer term, Blackboard Classic course view will no longer be available. If you are teaching in Classic course view right now, you might be tempted to convert your current courses to Ultra, but if you attempt to convert a course that has any submitted student work, those submissions and their associated grades will be lost in the conversion process.

If you are in Classic, stay in Classic for the remainder of this term. If you have second eight-week courses and would like them to be in Ultra, it’s not too late. The Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) can help you get your courses into the Ultra format, so reach out to the office at for assistance.

If you are teaching in the summer term, you will see your new Ultra course format shells on or shortly after April 15. If you are teaching in the pre-session for summer and need assistance getting to Ultra, reach out to OIR.