Volunteers needed for a research study

Research topic/purpose for the study: To assess what muscle(s) or muscle groups activate and how an individual’s physiological measures (heart rate, blood pressure, muscle oxygen saturation, cardiorespiratory) respond in different position settings (i.e., Power Climb, Power Stairs, Power Sled) while engaging in physical activity on the Challenger.

Procedures: Participants will perform physical activity (e.g., movement of arms and/or legs through a full range of motion) in different body position settings on Challenger, a new fitness device. During the assessment, you will be fitted with electromyography (EMG) electrodes to record muscle response and muscle activity during movement on the device. Heart rate, blood pressure, muscle oxygen saturation and rate of perceived exertion will also be measured. Physical activity in each body position setting will last at least two minutes and no more than 15 minutes while maintaining a heart rate between 60-75% estimated heart rate max.

Time: Participation is expected to last about 45-60 minutes.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria: 

  • Participants must be age 18 or older
  • No known neuromuscular, orthopedic disorder that may negatively impact body movement
  • No known cardiorespiratory or metabolic health condition(s)
  • No history of previous or current injuries that would impair movement

Location: Human Performance Laboratory, 210 Heskett Center

For any questions or concerns, email Dr. Heidi Bell at heidi.bell@wichita.edu or call 316-978-5150.