Get course messages as emails in Blackboard

Blackboard courses, especially those in the Ultra Course Format, rely heavily on the course messages feature over email. Many instructors prefer to receive emails from their students, however. The good news is that both are possible.

If you turn on the Blackboard setting that sends email notifications right away when a student sends you a course message, you will be notified of the message both via email and within your Blackboard class. Not only does this allow instructors to respond to course messages quickly, it also creates a permanent record of the contact within your course, so it is easy for you to refer to it later if necessary.

Learn how to turn on immediate email notifications. Have other questions about Ultra? Check back each Wednesday for a new tip, or reach out to the Office of Instructional Resources directly at And remember: spring 2024 is the last semester Wichita State will offer courses in Blackboard Original course format. All courses will be offered in Ultra as of summer 2024.