Dynamic duo Gene and Yolanda Camarena named Barton School’s spring 2024 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

The Barton School of Business proudly welcomes Gene and Yolanda Camarena as its dynamic Entrepreneurs-in-Residence duo for the spring 2024 semester. Gene, serving as the president and CEO of La Raza Pizza, Inc., brings unparalleled expertise in the business realm. Complementing his prowess, Yolanda, a dedicated leader with a significant career as a social justice and equity advocate in education, enriches the community with her invaluable insights. Together, they form an exceptional team poised to inspire and elevate our academic and entrepreneurial landscape.

“Yolanda and I are deeply honored to embark on this meaningful journey as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at the Barton School,” Gene Camarena said. “Recognizing the pivotal role education played in our own success, we are committed to ensuring that our achievements extend beyond personal accomplishments. Fueled by a passion for community progress and prosperity, our role allows us to uplift others through thoughtful and collaborative opportunities, championing a legacy of shared success and empowerment.”