Request presentation on Student Conduct & Community Standards

Need Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) staff for a presentation? Its team is delighted to present on various topics to educate students, staff and faculty about its office and policies.

Included topics:

  • Academic integrity
  • Incident report submission
  • Specific conduct policies in Policy 8.05 / Student Code of Conduct
  • Specific cata from SCCS
  • Hazing prevention
  • Classroom management
  • General information about Student Conduct & Community Standards and more

Fill out the Request a Presentation form, and SCCS will create a tailored presentation. The dedicated team members will collaborate with those who request a presentation to meet their goals and answer any questions. Please allow sufficient time between the request and the presentation due date, as the presentations require preparation. SCCS will do its best to accommodate schedules and address any conflicts.

For inquiries, contact SCCS at