College of Engineering ranks No. 18 in Cyber Power rankings

The College of Engineering has been ranked 18th nationally out of 521 colleges and universities in the Cyber Power Rankings, which were created by Cyber Skyline in partnership with the National Cyber League (NCL). The rankings represent the ability of students to perform real-world cybersecurity tasks on the Cyber Skyline platform.

Cybersecurity students from the School of Computing within the College of Engineering competed in the NCL competition throughout the fall 2023 season. Teams and their rankings were as follows:

  • World Wide Wheat (Khang Tran, Quentin Nelson, Carlos Figuerora, Adrian Yip, Hyacinthe Howell, Aidan McGillivray): 15th
  • TH3 3 H4CK3T33R5 (Prem Muvva, Don Alfaro, Nikilesh Murthy): 34th
  • Annie Linux and the Ctrl Fs (Josh Brenner, Arron Russell, Seth Windsor, Ke’Auna Edmondson, Annie Wilson, Emily Evans, Brandon Castile): 56th
  • System Shockers (Ana Varghese, Michael Foster, Hao Yin, Devon Crawford, Hao Slaine, Divy Patel): 60th in the advanced division
  • Pink Team (Hannah Brumley, Thao Pham, Leopoldo Picazo, Priscila Picazo, Micah Wallace, Jose Guiterrez, Peter Saw): 80th
  • Bluey (Drew Nguyen, Phillip Espinosa, Alejandro Valdovinos, Oriol Guillen, Carolyn Tran, Trevor Schmitt, Yoel Woldeyes): 108th
  • Yetistan Natives (Marshall Morris, Jacob Smith, Eli Curry, Jerret Delancy, Landon Conyers, Alexander Pickett, Cole Carothers): 113th