Learn more about the new course evaluation tool: CES

Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) tool is Wichita State’s new course evaluation tool.

Today’s focus is on CES results:

  • Results will only be available at the end of the completed semester. It does not matter when your course took place during the semester. Holding results until the end of the semester complies with KBOR policy and allows for accurate norming.
  • Results will become available the Friday after grades are due.
  • The electronic results can be found through the Instructor Dashboard under “Project Results.”
  • There are restrictions on results. If the response rate is 0% or if the number of respondents is lower than five, then there will be no results.
  • Results will include the mean, standard deviation and median for the course. It will also show these statistics by university and division benchmarks. This benchmark data will be from the same semester as the evaluation and will not include any other data.
  • There is a dedicated CES website that includes additional information.

For questions, contact Sandy Ranney at evaluations@ces.wichita.edu.