Shania Burkhead-Harris wins inaugural Gann Scholarship for Women in Herpetology

When graduate student Shania Burkhead-Harris attended the 50th annual meeting of the Kansas Herpetological Society in Lawrence from Nov. 3 to Nov. 5, she didn’t know that she’d been nominated by her PI/advisor for the newest award offered by the society.

The Gann Scholarship for Women in Herpetology honors any female-presenting or assigned-female-at-birth student for their potential to contribute to the study of amphibians and reptiles, and their ability to be a role model for future women in STEM. Shania’s thesis research looks at variables affecting the growth and development of Small-mouthed Salamanders in artificial, outdoor wetlands. She has been a stalwart participant in Expanding Your Horizons events during her time in the department, as well as participating in outreach events for scout groups.

Dr. Tom Luhring, assistant professor of biological sciences, nominated Shania for the inaugural scholarship.