Learn more about the new course evaluation tool: CES

Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) tool is Wichita State’s new course evaluation tool. Find more information over the coming weeks in WSU Today about CES.

Today’s focus is on response rate:

  • A “Response Rate” widget will appear on the instructor’s dashboard when the semester’s project starts. However, data for a course may not appear until that course evaluation is available to the students.
  • In the list below, there are some suggestions to potentially increase response rates and receive useful and constructive feedback.
    • Designate time in class for students to complete evaluations.
    • Add a blurb about course evaluations in the syllabus.
    • Let students know that their honest and constructive feedback is valued and tell them how their feedback with be used.
    • When evaluations open for the course, remind students that they are available.
    • Remind students that evaluations are completely anonymous and results are not available until after grades are turned in to the Registrar’s office.
    • It is best to complete the evaluations sooner in the evaluation period rather than later. Blackboard will be affected if the student has not taken some action regarding the evaluation towards the end of the period.
  • There is a dedicated CES website that includes additional information.

For questions, contact Sandy Ranney at evaluations@ces.wichita.edu.