Learn more about the fire safety and cooking policy at WSU

Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) is dedicated to raising awareness about specific policies in the Code of Conduct at WSU. For November, its focus is on fire safety and cooking.

Did you know that the fire safety policy in the Student Code of Conduct covers various aspects, including:

  • Breaking the plane
  • Failure to follow emergency procedures
  • Falsely reporting an emergency
  • Fire, explosion or other safety hazards
  • Fireworks, hazardous chemicals or explosives
  • Misuse of emergency equipment
  • Propping doors

For comprehensive details on fire safety and other policies, refer to Section VI: Prohibited Conduct in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.

There is also a cooking policy that provides helpful tips and regulations for students residing in the residence halls. The Housing and Residence Life Handbook contains these policies for students living in Shocker Hall, The Flats or The Suites.

SCCS is here to help ensure that everyone’s student experience is safe. To report any potential conduct issues throughout the school year, use the conduct incident response form to report them to the SCCS office. For other reporting forms at Wichita State, visit the Report It webpage.