Learn more about the new course evaluation tool: CES

Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) tool is Wichita State’s new course evaluation tool. Find more information over the coming weeks in WSU Today about CES.

Today’s focus is on the student experience.

  • Students will receive an email and notification on Blackboard when an evaluation is open.
  • Students can access the evaluation through Blackboard and through links provided in an email sent during the CES collection window.
  • When students login to the CES system, they will see a table containing evaluation information. This table will show which evaluations are completed with the date and time. It will also show upcoming evaluations with the dates they are set to open.
  • Students will see regular pop-up notifications on Blackboard during the CES evaluation time window.
  • There is a dedicated CES website that includes additional information.

For questions, contact Sandy Ranney at evaluations@ces.wichita.edu.