Action required: Collection of your work history

As WSU evolves and refines the pay variables utilized in the Market Based Compensation (MBC) Program, collecting and analyzing our employees’ work history for relevance to their current position is necessary. Understanding an employee’s relevant work history will provide additional information to assist in the proper placement of individual employees within the correct pay range quartile and allow the university to analyze the gap in pay for our existing employees. During the recent stakeholder feedback sessions with university leadership, there was overwhelming support from leaders to explore options for collecting this information for the FY25 pay analysis.

We are pleased to share that we have identified a method for collecting related work experience data. In the coming weeks, we will launch a survey process to capture the work history for all benefit eligible, non-teaching employees*. Here is what you can expect of this process:

  • Step 1: Employees self-report work experience via a secure, online survey.
  • Step 2: Self-reported data is analyzed by Segal Consulting to identify where further review or information may be needed.
  • Step 3: Leaders review and make final determination of the total years of experience to be utilized for their respective employees.

The timeline for collecting the data will be tight, and we appreciate your prompt attention and response during the self-reporting phase of the process. More information on how to access the survey will be provided via email closer to the kick-off date, which is anticipated in early November.

*This collection process will include benefit-eligible, staff employees who participate in the MBC program. Employees not included in the data collection include faculty, Division of Industry & Defense Programs employees, coaches, non-benefit eligible employees and students. Faculty are not included in this data collection because faculty rank is used in lieu of prior work history.

CALL TO ACTION: Start gathering your work history so it makes self-reporting your work history easier to complete. Below are links that will assist you in gathering this information. Please note: these systems may not contain your entire related work history, so you may still need to gather additional information.

Click here to learn how to view your WSU job history since January 2006.

Click here to learn how to view your application for employment, if you applied for a job with WSU after March 26, 2014.