Clayton Staples Gallery will host artist talk with James Ehlers Nov. 2

Emporia-based printmaker/engraver, James Ehlers, will deliver a talk from 4 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 2 in 210 McKnight Art Center, with a reception following.

Clayton Staples Gallery in 205 McKnight Art Center is currently showing a series of works from Ehlers entitled “The Thing I Feared Came Upon Me” that draws from contemporary cultural references, including memes and emojis as well as darker themes such as memento-mori.

James Ehlers was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He earned his MFA from the University of Florida and is currently the Don and Mary Glaser Distinguished Professor of Engraving Arts at Emporia State. Since 2007, he has given numerous engraving workshops at various events including the Frogman’s Printmaking Workshop in South Dakota, IMPACT Printmaking Conferences at Dundee, Scotland and Bristol, England, MAPC in Minnesota), and universities around the country.