Learn more about the new course evaluation tool: CES

Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) tool is Wichita State’s new course evaluation tool. Find more information over the coming weeks in WSU Today about CES.

Today’s focus is on the basic timeline.

  • The CES administrator programs the pre-determined dates for each process. The pre-determined schedule cannot be modified.
  • The CES tasks are sent at midnight on the scheduled start date and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the scheduled end date.
  • The “Manage Course” process for instructors: Instructors have 10 days from notification of the opt-out window to delete courses from CES.
  • CES evaluations will be open for students for varying lengths of time, depending upon the length of the course term:
    • 1-week and 2-week courses: two days
    • 5-week to 16-week courses: 10 days
    • Summer 4-week to 11-week courses: seven days
  • Current CES results will be available at the end of the semester. Results will continue to remain accessible afterwards.
    • The availability date will be the Friday after grades are due to Registrar.
  • There is a dedicated CES website that includes additional information.

For questions, contact Sandy Ranney at evaluations@ces.wichita.edu.